Digitális végzettség?

30 Jun

A “The Economist” legutóbbi számában áttekinti a MOOC terjedésének kérdéseit a felsőoktatás finanszírozási válsága valamint a képzések elismerése szempontjából. Az egyetemi eszme történeti dimenzióit is felvázoló konklúzió:

In “The Idea of a University”, published in 1858, John Henry Newman, an English Catholic cardinal, summarised the post-Enlightenment university as “a place for the communication and circulation of thought, by means of personal intercourse, through a wide extent of country”. This ideal still inspires in the era when the options for personal intercourse via the internet are virtually limitless. But the Cardinal had a warning: without the personal touch, higher education could become “an icebound, petrified, cast-iron university”. That is what the new wave of high-tech online courses should not become. But as an alternative to an overstretched, expensive model of higher education, they are more likely to prosper than fade.


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